Easy Tips on How to Plant and Grow Roses for Beginners

There are many ways you can do to decorate your backyard, one of them is planting roses. The lovely color of roses is making a lot of people are interested in planting it in the yard. Colorful roses will also make your yard look beautiful. Moreover, plant and grow roses is quite easy. You do not need a large area to grow roses. It can be grown in small pots.

Easy Tips on How to Plant and Grow Roses for Beginners

The most important thing in planting roses is the flower cultivation procedure. It plays a bigger part in the planting process. There are several things you have to consider when you start the roses planting.

If you plan to grow roses to decorate and make your yard look beautiful, you should choose to grow roses using pot. Grow roses in the pot is easier and practical. It will suit someone who does not have a lot free time.

You can learn how to plant and grow roses with these steps:

1. If you’re going to grow roses in a medium pot, choose one that is made from pottery. If you’re going to use a plastic pot, go with a plastic pot that has a hole to help the circulation.

2. Fill the pot with a mixture of several materials such as soil, sand, and manure in the ratio of 1:0.25:1.

3. Put a mixture of soil, sand, and fertilizer until reach half the pot and then condense the mixture. Put the seedling stems of roses in the pots to a depth of 5 cm. Next step is watering the roses. Do watering twice a day, in the morning and afternoon. This is the final step in how to grow roses with stems. Take good care of your roses so that they can grow fast.

Remember! Watering your roses and do not forget to let it get enough sunlight.

4. When your roses start growing, do intensive maintenance, such as cut off the roots of your roses once every 12 years, so your roses will keep growing.

5. To keep the roots of your roses does not decay, because of the bacterial or plant pests, do watering by adding a little acid solution benzoate.

Those are some tips on how to plant and grow roses in a pot. Hopefully, you can try it in your home with your family on the weekend. So, you can stay at your house and try to plant roses with your family.


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