Choosing the Right Ornamental Plants for Your House

Not every ornamental plant could be grown in your house or your backyard. Before growing any ornamental plants, we need to understand more about the function and aesthetics of the plant. So that, it will benefit our surrounding environment and make your house look beautiful.

Here’re some types of plant that you can consider to be planted around your house.

1. Find the area you will need to grow the ornamental plant. It’s important because it will affect the function and aesthetics of the plants.

2. If you have a spacious yard, you can choose to plant the mango trees. Mango tree is one of the plant that easily cultivated and easy to grow. Mango tree also can help reducing the heat from sunlight.

3. Lavender, this plant can repel mosquitoes and also gave us the impact of relaxation on our bodies.


4. Bamboo water, this type of plant is known can draw happiness and prosperity.

Bamboo Water

5. Jasmine is a fragrant plant. That is why many people like to plant jasmine.


6. Lemongrass, this type of plant is known to bring happiness to whom grow the plant.

Lemon grass

7. If you have a small pool, you can grow Lotus. This kind of plant is symbolizing beauty. Lotus has many varied colors, such as red, white and yellow.


8. Elephant ears is a plant only known in Indonesia. The plant goes with
Anthurium crystallinum as its Latin name. The shape of the plant is like elephant ears. That is why its knows as Elephant ears.

Anthurium crystallinum

9. Dragon fruit plants, the fruit of this kind of plant is often referred as Dragon Fruit and have many benefits, such as curing cancer, digestion of food. This plant is part of the cactus family, and you can grow the plant in a pot.

Dragon Fruit

10. Cambodia trees. The Cambodia tree has colorful flowers and its suit to grow in your house front yard. It will add beauty to your home.

cambodia trees

11. Pine trees. We often encounter pine tree when we travel to the Highland region. Due to its the beauty and the uniqueness stem, it makes the pine tree has its charm. People who have planted the tree mostly trying to create the impression that they’re in the Highland area or on the mountain.

Pine Bonsai Tree

That is the short explanation about ornament plant that you can grow in your house. Choose the right ornament plant for your house. So, it will boost to the house environtment.


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